Although not a certified architect, I have only ever worked for architectural firms that consisted of a majority of architectural projects--from master planning communities, single-and-multi-family, and senior living, to government, aerospace, recreation, and even healthcare. 


Most all of my tasks pertain to working closely with architects, graphic designers, interior designers, civil engineers, and landscape architects. I have been exposed to learn much of each projects' structural standards and codes, each firm's signature styles, zoning code for master planning, conceptual and schematic scopes, as well as selecting exterior color and material finishes for FFE coordination.


My time as a freelance interior designer had also allowed me to work alongside general contractors to ensure my designs are done accordingly, as well as learned to become my own handy-person to custom-build furniture product under budget. In a sense, I managed to learn as a I go, and improvise when I need. A lot of the times, this meant to work fast-paced and under-pressure.