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Graphic design has been, and continues to be, one of the most crucial skills to carry out throughout my design career within each design firm, including as a designer for interior and architecture design firms. To view my graphic design projects that are specific to architecture and interior design, please click on either one of their categorized names at the top menu selections.


Graphic design projects that are a part of this page consists mainly of media design, advertisement, market layout, way-finding, logo & branding, and other illustrations that pertain to individual graphic creativity. I share with you my time working closely with The Irvine Company as a media group graphic designer, and my initial years as an independent business owner and operator two (2) retail stores, formerly called "onesinglestrand" and "The Etch Lab" to which I had produced custom graphic designs for special events, commercial branding, handmade metal craft goods, and manufactured products and merchandises using laser-cut machinery.

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