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2019 | Riverton, UT

Mountain View was one of the already-established design projects that went into production. Overtime, the project went through some changes to include interior design schematics for the commercial spaces. My major design role involved in selections of colors and materials for the this mixed-use space, to which my major role was to manage the FF&E matrix and dial in budget breakdowns for each spec resourced for the schematic phase. All the while consistent coordination with the architect and production team was required to maintain the design flow of the entire work process carefully with no error. The floor plans included for this page are the furnishing key plan, the floor finishes, and the RCP for your review.


As far as deliverables are concerned, I also executed both the digital and physical layout for the building's material boards, which consists of a total of four (4) boards submitted to the clients.


You will also notice an outdoor FFE presentation included below, demonstrating a landscape schematic design, to which I was responsible to also source color and materials on behalf of the company's landscape consultants.

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