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Russ Bassette Corp.


RBC is a designing and manufacturing corporation for mission critical command center consoles. The type of clients I mainly served includes police departments, fire departments, NASA, and especially command centers for TRACON FAA, and PG&E. As an industrial CAD designer for RBC, I worked closely with the mechanical engineers on designing innovative working consoles and its furniture components--many of which are custom designed to fit properly to slats wall racks that RBC also manufactures in-house


Majority of my role was heavily on space planning and resolving issues in terms of interior installations to successfully bolt these consoles onto a raised platform, that storages all electrical cables throughout the console stations. That said, ADA code and fire code regulations were imperative to follow. As a designer, I was also responsible with providing final renderings throughout the interior, at times demonstrating low-lit ambience for client's to visualize the real-time functions.

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