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After earning her Bachelors in Interior-Architecture, Genée interned for an
interior-architect firm as an interior design associate, gaining knowledge of healthcare, government, and k-12 for commercial design, along with product and material knowledge. During the same time, she was also freelancing for a one million dollar residential home, located in Anaheim Hills, California, dubbed The Mohler Project, as her first interior decorating prospect with a small design team.
Moving forward with freelancing, Genée focused on kitchen and bath solutions, photography, and graphic design. Because of the variety of skills and professional experiences she inherits, this led her to work for an industrial design company as an industrial CAD designer with 3D graphic rendering capability.  She was the only female designer in the small team to work alongside with mechanical engineers and learn about product designing.
Genée began to pursue entrepreneurship for special events after broadcasting details of her personal designs created for her wedding in a personal social media blog. Originally intended for a personal memory, the products soon attracted attention to many event planners, photographers, commercial product vendors who offered her opportunities in joining their team, fashion bloggers, and also individual couples who expressed interest in inquiring for her creative service.  The idea of starting her own business had led her to establish OneSingleStrand, a sole retail shop for personalized wires, handcrafted jewelry and other wearable accessories for the celebration of love.  For five years, this concept of metal crafting became the focusing niche that  had honorably serviced worldwide to the USA, UK, Asia, Australia, and even military veterans, based in UAE and Afghanistan; generally, all those seeking for a close connection with their significant other.
Designing wedding invitations and providing graphic design services became another concept for special events that eventually lead to a few other retail shop establishments. Today, she has now established The Etch Lab as a startup business that fulfills print designs through use of mechanical machinery, including laser, CNC, and metal soldering.
Today, Genée is still actively working for an architect firm. Despite Genée's successful journey in creativity and entrepreneurship, through the fact that she is always on her feet, with constant drive and passion to design and create, she continues to work for pleasure and learning about new things everyday. Through each journey she takes with her increasingly new knowledge and skills from the various types of industries she has worked for, setting herself out to achieve more than what the average person can do in the creative field and use it towards helping other people.
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